Our Services

You will find complete family dentistry at Dr. Sandra Bennett’s Gresham dental office. Dr. Bennett and her team are proud to provide all aspects of dental care in a comfortable and caring environment.

General Dentistry for children & adults

Dr. Bennett treats all ages of patients in her comfortable Gresham dental office. Dr. Bennett and her team perform all aspects of dental care from cleanings to implants. You will find complete dental care at one convenient location.

Regular checkups are important for all ages. Dr. Bennett will examine the whole mouth: checking for gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer and discussing any concerns you may have.

Dr. Bennett provides all dental services including:

  • Extractions (tooth removal)
  • Caps/crowns/bridges
  • Fillings (gold, silver, plastic, white, invisible, composite)
  • Endodontics (root canal, tooth abscess)
  • Dentures/Partial Dentures (tooth replacement, removable bridge)
  • Emergency Care (tooth pain, tooth abscess, broken tooth)
Hygiene/periodontics (teeth cleaning, periodontal disease, deep cleaning)

Dental care is important to your overall health.

Professional dental hygiene appointments are important for everyone, even for people with the best home care. A dentist or dental hygienist has instruments that a toothbrush cannot reach. Removing plaque and calculus (tartar) will reduce the risk of gum disease that can eventually lead to tooth loss. Dental hygiene is also very important for your overall health. The bacteria found in plaque and calculus can cause infection in the body as well as the mouth. Infection in the teeth or mouth can cause heart disease and contribute to diabetes.

Dr. Bennett and her hygienists take pride in diagnosing and treating each patient as an individual. Every patient is scheduled with enough time based on their specific needs.

Orthodontics, Invisalign (braces, teeth straightening, invisible braces, removable braces)

Dr. Bennett provides traditional orthodontics (braces) and Invisalign removable aligners. Invisalign uses these clear braces that you can remove to eat, brush and floss. Click the link below to learn more about Invisalign.

At Dr. Bennett’s office, the cost of braces and the cost of Invisalign are about the same. Dr. Bennett includes teeth whitening at the end of the treatment so you can enjoy a brighter whiter smile along with your new straight teeth.

There are many reasons a person may need or want orthodontic treatment besides just cosmetics. For example: overcrowding, over-spaced or misaligned teeth can cause chewing problems, contribute to gum disease, and increase tooth wear.


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Implants (tooth replacement, dental implants, teeth implants)


Dental implants are the closest option to a natural tooth that is available in dentistry today. A dental implant looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth. The implant itself is about the same size and shape as the root of a tooth. The titanium implant is placed and allowed to fully heal into the bone before the replacement teeth are attached to the implant. A restoration is then placed on the implant to replicate the crown (top) of the tooth. Patients are given temporary teeth during the healing process.


Dental implants are also placed to support a fixed bridge, fixed denture or removable denture when more than one tooth is lost.

Dr. Sandra Bennett has advanced training in the placement and restoration of dental implants. All phases of the treatment are completed right here in our comfortable Gresham dental office, including the implant surgery.

Every patient is different and may or may not be a candidate for dental implants. Dr. Bennett would complete a thorough examination to determine the best option for you. The dental implant cost also varies depending on the different situations and needs of the individual. In general, a single tooth implant is comparable to the cost of a fixed bridge (replacing one tooth).

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Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many options in cosmetic dentistry to achieve the smile you have always wanted. Veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and tooth replacement can help you achieve a confident smile. Dr. Bennett can provide all aspects of treatment in her comfortable Gresham office. She works closely with only quality local dental laboratories to create natural looking teeth that will last for many years. From teeth whitening to a full “smile makeover” she treats each person as an individual.


  • Teeth Whitening
  • Implants
  • Porcelain Veneers (laminates, white crowns)
  • Bonding (white fillings, invisible fillings, clear fillings, composite fillings)

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Whitening/Zoom!® (teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, whitening trays, in-office teeth whitening)

Professional teeth whitening at a dental office has several benefits compared to over the counter products. The results of professional teeth whitening are better and quicker. The treatment is safer because you are under the supervision of a dentist. The cost of over the counter products can add up quickly with a questionable outcome.

Dr. Bennett provides two options for teeth whitening: custom teeth whitening trays or Zoom!® in-office teeth whitening. She offers a free smile evaluation to determine if you are a candidate and which type is best for you.

Custom teeth whitening trays are made specifically for you. The trays are made from an impression (mold) of your teeth. The trays are used at home with a prescription strength gel provided by Dr. Bennett.

The ZOOM!® in-office teeth whitening procedure utilizes a whitening lamp in combination with a whitening gel. The lamp activates the gel’s active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide. Take home gel and custom made delivery trays are included that can be used for occasional touch ups if needed. This in-office procedure takes under 2 hours. Click on the link below to learn more from Zoom!®.


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Sedation (dental anxiety, high fear, traumatic dental experience)

Dr. Sandra Bennett provides sedation dentistry at her Gresham dental office for patients experiencing dental anxiety. There are many reasons a person may have dental anxiety and choose to have sedation for a dental procedure. Negative past experiences or embarrassment about current dental health are examples of what can contribute to this anxiety.

Dr. Bennett and her experienced team will always treat you with kindness and understanding. Many people feel anxious because they don’t understand or didn’t have their questions answered about their dental treatment or needs. You can be confident that Dr. Bennett will thoroughly explain your diagnosis and treatment options. Many patients have overcome their anxiety over time due to Dr. Bennett’s gentle touch and caring chair-side manner.

During your consultation, Dr. Bennett will explore the sedation options that would be best for you. Some options available are Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and/or a prescribed oral medication you take at home before the procedure.